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Grants For Single Mothers In Texas

While Texas is known for its abundant lifestyle and infrastructure, there are still some who are not enjoying a cozy lifestyle. One of the households that may not enjoy this kind of lifestyle are families with single mothers. Some single mothers in Texas could not sustain their children’s needs due to lack of resources. Fortunately, there are Texas grants for single mothers who are not able to meet their kids’ needs just with their income alone.

A lot of single moms in Texas almost find it impossible to get a job just because they do not have anyone to watch their kids. One of the Texas grants for single mothers is childcare subsidy through local Workforce Development Boards. This is for any single mother who needs childcare in order to work, attend school, or get training for their job. This grant, however, is based on income for mothers with children under the age of 13.

Aside from childcare, one of Texas’ grants for single mothers is healthcare. Low-income families are qualified for the healthcare grant through the state’s Medicaid program. Unfortunately, some single mothers may not be qualified for Medicaid; however, they can seek coverage for their kids through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which covers not only medical, but dental and eye care, as well.

Food and supplies is also one of the grants that Texas offers for single moms. One known program in Texas that assists single mothers with food and supplies is the TANF or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This program is temporarily offered to single moms who badly need it, or those single moms who are in crisis. TANF also gives $1,000 to families in times of crisis. Another program is SNAP (Stamp Food Program), which supports single mothers to buy healthy food. Pregnant women and children below 5 years old may be eligible for WIC, a program of Food and Nutrition Service in the US.

Single mothers in Texas may also be eligible for earned income credit. For a single mother to qualify for this tax benefit,
her income needs to cross a certain amount. This will enable her to receive a refund annually or at the end of each year. She may also avail of rent benefits through the state of Texas or HUD, which is a program specifically created for those who do not have proper shelter or unable to pay rent. Single moms may also expect subsidized apartments, the housing choice voucher program, or public housing options through such cash assistance programs.

Aside from all the grants mentioned above, one of the Texas grants for single mothers is the opportunity to go back to school or pursue higher education if they so desire. The state of Texas offers programs and resources designed to help single mothers find adequate financial aid. This can be made possible through the assistance of Higher Education Coordinating Board in Texas. College for All Texans is a program that provides financial aid to single mothers who wish to enter college.

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