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Grants For Single Mothers in Michigan

Raising kids in this economy is not easy and many single mothers are in Detroit or Lansing are having a hard time making ends meet. Grants for single mothers in Michigan are a great way to cope with the changing times. If you are raising your child and only have one income in the household, this information is for you.  There are various government resources that you can access and that is available to you. Other single mothers in Michigan are taking advantage of these resources. You can get assistance for childcare, medical care, rent and food. You may not know where to look, but help is only a phone call away.

Child-care grants for single mothers in Michigan

In the state of Michigan is important; especially when you have to go to work as a single parent. If you work full time, you will need reliable child-care to be at peace while you are on the job. You also need affordable childcare to fit your budget. The Child Development Care Program in Michigan is known as DHS. This department of government will help to ensure that you receive dependable childcare so that you can go to work or get more education to find a good job.

Medical assistance for single mothers in Michigan

Medical care is also essential when you have young children and you are a single parent. In the state of Michigan, there are a few grant programs that offer good healthcare. One program is called the Healthy Kids program. This program provides assistance to single mothers who have children, pregnant women and teenagers. If your income is above the required income for eligibility, you will not qualify. However, you may be eligible for MIChild, which is a program in the state of Michigan specifically developed for children. Another viable option is Medicaid, which is available for individuals who make a specific amount of money.

Other subsidized health programs that helps single mothers residing in the state of Michigan are:

  • Low Income Family Assistance
  • The Transitional Medical Assistance
  • The Transitional Medical Assistance Plus

This will allow you to get some health coverage. Another type of grant that is significant to the health and nutrition of you and your children is food.

Food assistance in Michigan

The food assistance program in Michigan is known as the Family Independence Program. This program provides temporary cash assistance to low income families. Another program is the Food Assistance Program and the WIC program for families in need.

In the urban and rural areas in the state of Michigan, transportation is part of the single mother’s routine; to and from work. She needs help with the cost. Transportation grants are available, but you have to qualify.

The government also provides rent assistance in the form of Housing Choice Vouchers and through the HUD program with Section 8 housing. These choices are quite affordable.

If you are a single mother who desires to go back to school, you can get education grants through the school’s Student Financial Aid Department and through the FAFSA program.

Grants for single mothers in Michigan include transportation assistance and scholarship aid from the federal government. Single mothers living in the state of Michigan should take full advantage of all these available resources.

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nicole shannon August 29, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Hi. I am a single mom of 3 children. I had a job for 4 yrs but was let go in june 2012. I recieve unemployment but not enough to cover bills. I am going through the process of an eviction right now and DHS turned me down. I am also being threathend with repo on my car. I am just looking for some kind of help because I don’t know where to turn so I can get back on my feet. If you can give me some resources I would greatly appreciate it.

Nicole Shannon

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