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August 2012

How to Find Educational Grants for Single Mothers


There are a number of educational grants for single mothers who are planning to head back to college. However, financial problem is one hurdle they must overcome before they pursue a college education. Single moms already find it hard to support their child, provide them with food and comfortable place to live in that returning […]

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Nutrition and Health Grants for Single Mothers

Medical Assistance Programs

The U.S. government can’t afford that its children go hungry and malnourished, though it is expected that their parents are responsible in feeding them. For this reason, several organizations are being tapped to assist families which cannot provide nutritious meals for their children. These organizations do not just help traditional families but also those with […]

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Effective Money Saving Tips for Single Moms


Are you a single mom looking for ways to save more money? Take these easy steps for you to save up good and find more quality time with your kids. Being a single mother is never easy. Having to raise a child on your own is not an easy task. That is why more and […]

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Getting help after divorce

Financial Help For Single Mothers

Divorce is never sweet. It is a difficult phase for partners who no longer wanted to continue their lives together. It is the authorized way of ending the marriage of a couple who has promised to love each other but could no longer satisfy this responsibility. There are legalities required for both parties and these […]

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Avoiding Foreclosure Tips: The Timeline in Foreclosure Process


Are you afraid of foreclosure and losing your home? Are you near the end pf your deadline? There is always a solution in every problem like this. Most of people’s problem today is the increase in payables, taxes, and in basic need prices which may lead to financial difficulty. All these things contribute to your […]

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