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Donated Cars For Single Mothers

by Sarah Palmer

Donated cars for single mothers usually come from many charity organizations; especially in the local communities. There are many single mothers that have no car to drop their kids off at the day care or school. Some have to borrow someone else’s car, request a ride from a friend or walk to their destination. Those that have to work, which is a high percentage, are the ones that suffer.

Some single mothers live too far away from their jobs to be without a reliable vehicle. These individuals do not know where to apply for a car donation and are desperately in need of help. In a lot of cases, there is hardly any help from family members either. People who have an extra vehicle that is not in use can donate it to a single mother and use it against their tax deductions. Many are not aware of this.

How do single mothers apply for donated cars?

Charity cars for single mothers

A single mother can apply for a donated car from religious organizations, goodwill stores nationwide, Salvation Armies and other charitable organizations. Another way to find help is to do your own research on the Internet to find a list of car donation websites that you can access. There are specific programs that cater to the needs of single mothers as well.

Government programs

There are various government programs for single mothers who require transportation; especially if the mothers are receiving public assistance or welfare. Some states or counties help these single mothers to lease vehicles by providing them with the financial means to do so. A lot of these government programs are specifically geared towards helping single mothers to move from welfare to a more independent existence and are happy to be of assistance when it comes to donated vehicles.

The lack of dependable transportation is one of the problems that those who receive public assistance have to face in order to move from welfare to holding down a job. It is even more challenging when you live in a rural area.


The case worker assigned to an individual who receives public assistance should be informed whether or not the single mother needs transportation help or not. Whether help is received from the government, a private individual or charity organization, the recipient of the donated vehicle will be responsible for the registration, title, repairs, insurance and licensing of the vehicle.

Single mothers who are not on public assistance can check their local papers for donated vehicles. These are sometimes advertise in the local paper. If you are the member of a local church, you can ask that your exact need for transportation be announced in the service. Someone may come to your rescue.

Donated cars for single mothers can benefit from the reassurance that the government wants to help and so do individuals who donate their own cars to charity. The IRS allows this and many do take advantage of it. Make no mistake – a car is very important to the daily life of a single mother, but as discussed, there are solutions to this problem.

You can also read more about programs that help with car insurance at the link or other areas of single mothers help at the link.

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holly blackledge February 27, 2012 at 7:11 pm

im a single mother of two childern and i want to get on my feet for my childern and my self but cant afford a car and really need one to move forward for a better life for my childern

demarae bailey July 30, 2013 at 11:39 pm

hi my name is demarae iam requesting help my husband and i were recently hit by drunk drivers and i was pregnant with our child we lost the child due to the accident and my husband and i have been hurt and unable to work we have no car and no way to pay rent we are wondering if there is anyone out there who has a car they are willing to donate to our family we have three other children and would like to be able to go back to work we do have $500 cash towards a car if anyone is either willing to donate or to sell us a car for that amount please let me know if you can help or know anyone that can bless our family thank you so much our number is 714-759-7294 thank you

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