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Top Budgeting Tips To Stick To

by Sarah Palmer

Everybody wants to earn a little more and do something special for themselves once in a while. The best way to earn is to save, and these tips will get you by as long as you keep yourself disciplined enough to do it.

Tip 1: Reduce Your Consumption

How much water, power, and service do you use in a month? With so much financial upheavals happening in today’s modern times, it makes perfect sense to cut it short on certain aspect of living. Start with the simple ones, such as reducing your utility bills by turning off the lights when you are not using them, eating at home, and bringing your lunch to work. Also, for even more long-term effects in saving your money, buy appliances and house fixtures that are built for reducing power consumption. These can be anywhere from flat-screen televisions, fluorescent lights, shower heads, refrigerators, and air temp regulators.

Tip 2: Pay On Time

When you miss out on the day you should pay your bills, there will be late payment fees piling up until you do. Keep a ready list of your monthly payments so you can watch how much money you need to save up before the monthly deadline. If you do foresee problems with paying one or several of your bills, don’t be afraid. If your credit has been pretty good and you were able to keep a steady payment the past few months, ring up your power, water, gas, phone, Internet, and cable companies and ask them if they could either forego the late payment fees or even push back the due date for a few days. The latter request is much harder to pull off, but if your credit history is above the red, they’ll be nice enough to give you some leeway.

Tip 3: Get Assistance and Education

By asking help from various finance companies and advisors, you will learn to increase your savvy in saving up. Also, look up for various grants, scholarships, discounts, government programs, and tax rebates, that can seriously help out with your budget. By applying to as many forms of financial assistance programs as possible, you can increase your monthly and yearly budget temporarily, provided that you can also give back to the community, as required by government needs based platforms. Anything can work depending on your personal family situation, such as senior citizens discounts, Native- and African-American heritage stipends, university and college scholarships, single parent support, and child or youth support.

Tip 4: Get the Best Deals

Look out for sales, discount coupons, freebies, and any other way you can get a better deal out of something as often as you can. Look out for seasonal sales and specials on anything that’s worth buying, such as food, clothes, and appliances mentioned in Tip 1. As it is, there will be other people gunning for those discounts, so start looking up for them early so you won’t have to be at the very back of the line.

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