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Single Mother Dating – 7 steps to prepare your child

by Sarah Palmer

As a single mother, you may want to get back into dating. But dating as a single mother can pose additional challenges. You may ask yourself the following questions:

What will my child think if I bring a stranger into our home?
When should I introduce my child to the new man?
What do I do if my child doesn’t like my new man?

Every child will react differently to you dating but your child’s reaction will depend upon how you prepare them for it. Below are steps to help prepare you and your child for when you decide you are ready to start dating.

  1. Take it slow – it is important to date discreetly and not introduce all the men you are dating to your child. The less men you introduce you child too, the less likely they will reject him.
  2. Keep your priorities in check – it is important for your child to not feel like they are no longer the most important person in your life. So, make sure you don’t miss any important events, such as an important soccer match or music recital.
  3. Be honest – whilst it is important to not give every detail, it is important to not be deceitful with your child. Children are not stupid and they will eventually pick up on it.
  4. Expect resistance – it is very common for children to not accept a strange man in their life straight away, so just accept this reaction and take gentle steps to alleviate all their concerns.
  5. Establish boundaries – it is very important to be clear on the boundaries for both your child and your new partner. It is advisable to wait an appropriate amount of time before you allow your partner to exert any authority over your child, so mediate where appropriate.
  6. Keep your children close – children need constant love and support, so it is important for them to feel like this will never change, regardless if there is someone new in your life or not. A child who feels like your love for them will never change is more likely to accept the new man your life.
  7. You make the rules – remember it is totally ok for you to date and go out and have fun. You should not feel guilty for it and you will be a much better mother for it.
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