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Money Saving Tips

by Sarah Palmer

money 150x150 Money Saving TipsAs the saying goes….“A dollar saved is a dollar earned”

Below is a list of 20 great money saving ideas.

1. Instead of buying bottled water, get a water bottle

2. Instead of joining the gym, try purchasing exercise DVDs and exercising at home.

3. Take your lunch to work

4 . Instead of renting expensive holiday homes for accommodation, try a home swap!

5. Buy clothes for next year at the end of season sale. By buying items that don’t date, you can save thousands

6. Combine your cable, internet and phone services – companies offer great savings if you have all your services with them

7. Rather than buying new books, join the library. You can also get DVDs from the library

8. Get a rewards card

9. Get healthy. This will save you money on doctors etc. Also, stop smoking and drinking alcohol for healthy reasons and because it is expensive!!

10. Shop around and buy online when it saves you money

11. Use coupons at the grocery store

12. Insulate your home so you pay less utility fees

13. Buy a coffee machine instead of buying a coffee every day from your local coffee shop

14. Buy a quality used car instead of a brand new one

15. Clean your car yourself

16. If possible, get rid of your car and get the bus or walk to work.

17. Buy items in bulk

18. Buy generic brands at the supermarket

19. Grow your own vegetables

20. Hang your clothes out to dry rather than using a dryer

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