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3 different flexible jobs perfect for single moms

by Sarah Palmer

It is difficult to hold a full-time job when you are a single mother. This is especially true when you have babies you need to attend to. For single parents, the best jobs are those that offer them flexibility. This will enable them to work and earn an income while being able to take care of their young children at the same time.

With the advent of technology, this problem faced by single mothers for many years has now been slowly eliminated. Offshore outsourcing has been made possible. There are flexible jobs that single mothers can do. They can now work from the comfort of their own homes while supervising the growth of their children.

Through BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing), stay at home mothers are now getting employment from international clients. These jobs offer one thing that makes it very attractive to single mothers – flexibility. On top of that, they also get a very decent income.

Here is a list of common jobs single mothers can do:

 1.   Become a Virtual Assistant

If you at least know how to speak and write in English, you can surely become a virtual assistant or VA. A virtual assistant has a lot of responsibilities from travel booking to checking emails for his client. These things can all be done online using a stable internet connection and a dedicated PC for work.

If you have some college degree, being a virtual assistant is one of the best options you can consider when looking for an online job.

You can become a virtual assistant by joining up to this website: oDesk

 3 different flexible jobs perfect for single moms


 2.  Become an Online Writer

Can you write in decent and understandable English? Can an average American read your article without any difficulty understanding it? Can you follow instructions well? If you answered “YES” to all these questions, you can definitely become a writer.

Online businesses need blogs posts and articles on a daily basis to improve the ranking of their websites. You can ghost write an article, be a blogger, eBook writer or a blog commenter.

Did you know that a single piece of article you write can earn you $15? Imagine if you can write 10 of these articles per day. One of the most handsome-earning jobs online is writing.

You can also do this on oDesk.

Sign up by clicking here—>  oDesk

 3 different flexible jobs perfect for single moms

 3.   Graphic Artist

There are a lot of graphic artists who are single mothers. Most of them are not graphic artists by profession. They have just earned the skill through experience.

If you want to earn a few more bucks from a simple editing of a photograph, you can learn simple Photoshop from a video on YouTube or ask a friend who knows this stuff to teach you.


These are just a few examples of jobs you can find online. Employers from abroad do not discriminate. They accept applicants regardless of their gender, age and status.

As a single mother, this is already your chance to get a good paying job which can also offer you flexibility which is the most important thing when you want to also take care of your children.

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