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How to Find Educational Grants for Single Mothers

by Sarah Palmer

There are a number of educational grants for single mothers who are planning to head back to college. However, financial problem is one hurdle they must overcome before they pursue a college education. Single moms already find it hard to support their child, provide them with food and comfortable place to live in that returning to college becomes a distant thought.

For single mothers who wanted to head back to school and complete their education, various financial supports are available. They can avail different financial aids such as grants and scholarships from federal, state, private and non-profit organizations. Through a thorough search one may come up with grants or scholarships that will cover tuition fees, books and other school-related expenses.

In order to avail financial grants, single mothers must first do the challenging task of searching for possible grants. The next step is choosing a grant that answers to their needs and at the same time offers the kind of education program they are interested to take.

The following are examples of educational grants for single mothers:

1.   Federal Pell Grant. Students who qualify to this federal grant can study at different post secondary institutions. The goal of this grant is to provide free monetary help to single mothers who can’t afford post-secondary education.

2.   Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). This is another federal grant intended for single mothers with exceptional need. This program will provide financial support to low-income undergraduate students. Successful applicants of this grant will expect to receive financial support of $100 to $400 in federal funding.

3.   Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant. This financial grant was created by College Cost reduction and Access Act of 2007. Those who wanted to avail of this financial aid must agree to work for a public or private elementary or secondary school for at least 4 years out of 8 calendar years. The grant will be converted into a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan which should be paid if the student fails to meet the requirements.

4.   peaChic Grant. This is another education grant for single mothers which will provide them with financial support of $500 to $1, 000. This amount is a big help to single mothers who love to build a small business.

5.   Academic competitiveness Grant. This grant is awarded to graduating students of high school from January 1, 2006. An amount of $750 is given during the first year of study and an amount of $1, 300 is given during the second year. In order for students to avail this grant, they must qualify also for the Federal Pell Grant.

6.   The Sister Fund is sponsored by a private organization that provides financial grants to women who work for religious causes. They provide small discretionary grants throughout the year with an average amount of $500.

Searching for educational grants especially for single mothers can be a real challenge. The key to a successful search is being patient and resourceful. Do not give up easily. Instead be persistent because the more you search the more resources you can find for your needs.

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