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5 Tips for a Debt Reduction Strategy

by Sarah Palmer

Debt reduction is never easy. Most of the processes are complicated especially for first timers. Maybe you have been thinking of strategies in reducing the cost of your mortgage or a car loan that you have just acquired. Small steps can make a difference towards your end goal. Making use of the help of the right people and the right strategy, debt reduction is within your grasp.

Read on and you will be heading in the right direction. Here are the important guidelines:

1.  Monitor expenditures over a three month period

Analyze the cost and observe the spending habit you have been doing in that time frame. In three months, you can get the average in the expenses that you have made. The best thing you can do is to keep old receipts, but if you have not started collecting them, you can start as soon as possible. The key point here is to know and analyze your expenditure behavior.

2. Remind your self that you don’t have to buy things you really do not need.

A simple card on your wallet that shouts “Don’t Buy That!” can be very effective to prevent impulsive buying. This card is a reminder to ease on your spending, especially those things that you really don’t need.

3. Find inspirations from others like your friends, relatives or someone you are not even acquainted with.

Talking to them releases your impulse in excessive buying. Furthermore, it will give you enough encouragement in achieving the debt reduction goal that you are aiming for. Hearing the opinions of other people, you will be more inspired to pursue the end that you have set.

4. Live a simpler life and live the rules in your established budgeting system.

A perfect example of this is the simple envelope budgeting system. It may be old fashioned, but this little step really helps in allotting the cash on your hand on the things that you really need. For instance, variable expenses in your groceries and cash will prevent you from touching other envelopes that are allotted for other variables, say for entertainment. Saving will come easily if you follow these simple rules of budgeting.

5. Be open to other options and try something else.

This may be applicable to your work. Someone in your household can find an extra job or you can even do it yourself. Try something profitable in your free time. Be entrepreneurial and creative.


Be clear and strict in implementing these simple rules to make your debt reduction strategy successful. Take them into action. A simple act will become a habit if you are really willing to make a change within your self.

This does not mean that you will need the services of a debt reduction agency to be successful. Do a deeper valuation of yourself to know and analyze the things you can do and cannot do. Know what you can afford and what you can not afford.

Living within your means is the best way to avoid leading you to debts in the first place. The best thing you can do is live these simple rules, most especially in your spending habits.

Successful debt reduction does not happen overnight so it is important to start the habit today. This way, a practice can eventually turn into a habit. And these habits are important for you to avoid slipping back in the debt department.

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