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Medical Insurance – What single mothers need to know

by Sarah Palmer

Single mothers have so much to deal with when it comes to the family and its medical needs. Medical insurance is one of the main priorities for the children. A single mother who has no health insurance knows what a scary experience it is when there is no health insurance and her kids get sick. Finding the right medical insurance is not easy, but it is quite possible.

One thing you should pay attention to when you are looking for reliable health insurance is a deductible that allows for a lower monthly premium, but something that is affordable. Believe it or not, some single mothers struggle with the co-pay, which is something mandatory. Once you visit the doctor, you have to pay this fee before you leave. With a low co-pay, your monthly premium rate tends to be much higher. Affordable health insurance is what most single mothers seek. In some states across the United States, you will find special low cost health insurance premiums for single mothers.

Benefits of Medical Insurance For Single Parent Families

Single parent families living off one income can enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of having comprehensive health insurance for their children. It is inherent that a child will get sick at some point and without insurance, it will be much more difficult for the mother to find adequate healthcare. With good health insurance, the mother does not have to hesitate whether to seek medical care for her child or not.

Hospitalization is expensive if you don’t have health insurance. Anyone in the family that needs to be hospitalized will receive medical care and access to all that the health insurance offers. The single mother has the flexibility of choosing a plan that is right for her and the specialist and doctors that will provide expert care to the family.

Various Types of Medical Insurance Coverage

There are  various types of healthcare coverage that are affordable for single parents. Every insurance policy has different options and coverage. Some plans have all combined plans such as

  • dental,
  • medical,
  • vision,
  • hospitalization and
  •  pharmaceutical drugs.

Some have fewer of these features. The good thing is that you can choose what is right for you and your family. Dental and medical is usually the immediate choice made by most single parents. Optical, podiatry, psychiatric and orthodontic, for example are not as important to them; even though some of these are recommended, if that is the case.

Every family should ensure that her child is covered for well-care as well as sick care. If your child has specific health issues, then you have to make that decision accordingly.

Final Thoughts To Consider with Medical Insurance

Before you settle for any health insurance policy, be sure to do your research to compare the various plans available on the market. Compare the quotes that you receive before making a final decision. Each year, insurance rates have the potential of increasing, so be sensible with your option. Some insurance will give you a discount, if you pay through your bank account with direct debit. Medical insurance is important for everyone, especially single parent families. Be actively involved in the process of finding what is best for you and your family.

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